Don’t call me crazy, but…

You probably know a person who has depression or is bipolar, or has a totally different mental disorder that makes them “crazy”. I really hate it when I hear about people totally overreacting to someone’s mental disorder. The person goes by what they hear; they only listen to those stereotypes. If a person goes by the stereotypes of the disorder, then that tells me they’re too lazy to do any insight on it.

I know a person who has schizophrenia. She thought that when she told me that I would freak out and not want to be around her. I am the exact opposite. You know what I did? I did the research. I went on wikipedia for a brief synopsis of what schizophrenia was and I wrote her back telling her what I found and the things I was concerned with. She told me that going online isn’t the best option because the writers don’t know what they’re talking about. Some of it is true, but other things aren’t really “accurate” as she says. As the days went on, I learned more about her than I ever thought I would just by observing her actions and listening to her troubles (which indeed there were many), but I never left her side. I’m not the kind of person who would leave someone behind because I couldn’t handle whatever it was they were going through. To me, that’s just being a coward. I DID the research and still am. I have been doing extensive research on schizophrenia and how to handle things and much more. It blows my mind how much information I found.

As my Government/Econ teacher has told us time and time again, the people of the world today are “NOT AWAKE. They are ASLEEP to everything that’s happening around them.” And he isn’t wrong either. The people of the world today need to become AWAKE. The people of the world need to understand that there is a distinct difference between “crazy” and having a “mental disorder”. Having a mental disorder does not make a person “crazy”, that’s just the label people stereotypically give them because of a movie they’ve seen that’s not particularly “accurate”.

So everyone, I beg of you, when you have a friend who has a disorder like depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, even ADHD, take the time to do the research if you don’t know about it. I would highly suggest that you don’t rely on the internet too much because the information there is inaccurate in most cases. Check out a book at your local library. They will have books on the mental illnesses as well as some cool notes at the back with different websites, hotlines, and a whole bunch of great information.



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